Buried in Paper

How to Get Buried in Paper

  1. Always be in a hurry.
  2. Open all your mail in a different place every day.
  3. Look through all your papers very quickly (just to see what's there).
  4. Keep everything.
  5. Separate mail into categories, then put it all back together and place it on a flat surface (until you can get around to it again).
  6. Do not put papers away -- you may forget what you have.
  7. Do not set any time aside to do paperwork.
  8. Have a tiny trash container that you can't reach.
  9. Keep any files you might have in overstuffed drawers and inconvenient places. Keep the cabinet where you do the paperwork.
  10. Have file cabinets that tip over easily and file drawers that only open partially.
  11. Make sure anything you do label is hard to read or don't label at all.
  12. When guests are coming to visit, quickly toss all papers into bag or box and hide it.
  13. Enjoy the lack of paper clutter for a moment.
  14. Try to forget about the "hidden paper." Ignore twinges of discomfort.
  15. Accept clutter as a permanent part of your environment.

The practice of the above behavior is guaranteed to:

  • Promote chaos
  • Annoy and frustrate others
  • Maintain your feelings of helplessness
  • Support feeling out-of-control
  • Cause you to collect signs and sayings that defend messiness

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