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Wiggle Room

Lately I have gained some weight. When I ask people, “Do I look heavier?” they say, “No, You look wonderful.” Yet, I know my clothes are tighter and I have lost what I most loved about having trimmed down to begin with--I’ve lost the wiggle room. I really like the wiggle room I had. Probably no one else would ever be affected by it but me. Still, I found constant comfort in the fact that my clothes were slightly too big. Not enough to be baggy or hanging. Just enough to feel not at all snug.

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Gratitude is a wonderful thing—
It fills your heart and makes it sing.

It takes away the angst and fear
And lets you know that God is here.

It changes darkness into light
And takes the emptiness from the night.

It adds back balance to the scale
And takes away the "I might fail."

It quiets the waves of emotional pain
And restores the strength to go on again.


Will's Journey

I thought I'd try my hand at blogging even though I don't understand completely what it is and it really makes no sense to me. But I was told I could put anything on my blog, even if it wasn't directly about organizing. In this case, it's about life--choices. It's a short piece I wrote many years ago that came to mind again the other day.

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Thoughts on Living I Gleaned from Playing Solitaire

  1. The more you play, the more you win.
  2. As you press on in the game you find out why things don't work out.
  3. Lots of games don't work out.
  4. Play with gusto.
  5. When it doesn't work out, quickly move on.
  6. Learn to enjoy every step and do it well.
  7. Pay attention.
  8. Stop when you see there is no way to win.
  9. Sometimes you lose a lot before you win again.
  10. Rest when you need to.

When you stop playing the game is over.