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"more time, less stress, and better quality of family life."™

What We Offer

The Organized Times offers phone coaching/virtual organizing and a resource library with various articles and links. My goal is to build a body of knowledge that includes details about the process of organizating. 

About Florence Feldman

I am a professional organizating consultant who has been helping individuals overcome disorder and live more productively for 30 years. I was one of the first professional organizers in the country, as well as one of the first organizers to have subcontractors. My own struggles as a young wife and mother gave me a passion for sharing the life-changing truths and techniques about getting and staying organized.

Florence's Story in Her Own Words

I was raised in a household with a very efficient mother and a full-time maid. I never did chores. When I got married at 19, I did not know how to work a washer or a dryer. My husband had to teach me. His mother and father both worked, so he knew how to do lots of things. But I didn't. I barely knew how to boil an egg. It was a challenge for me to cook and keep house. I felt sorry for myself and dreamed of a better life. Running away from my problems was my solution.

At 28 I was divorced with two young children. Life went from hard to really hard. I went from having a maid to being a maid. I went to college while I was on welfare. I graduated college at age 32.

At the same time life became harder, in other ways life became much more simple. I got rid of almost everything I owned as a suburban housewife and focused on surviving and taking care of my children. I discovered that my stuff didn't overwhelm me anymore. Eventually, I started helping other people get organized and became an organizing consultant.

That was all a long time ago. My children are now adults, and I have four wonderful grandchildren. It is my desire to help you have "more time, less stress, and a better quality of family life."™